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20+ Creative DIY Shoe Makeovers

Don’t throw out those old shoes yet! There are plenty of ways in which you can improve the look of your plain old pair of shoes into a fun, stylish, fashionable pair without having to break the bank.

Here are some really cool shoe makeover ideas to give your old shoes a new life.

1. Studded Converse

Studded Converse

Tutorial: Trinkets in Bloom

2. Fabric Covered Sneakers with Mod Podge

Fabric Covered Sneakers

Tutorial: Handmade Happy Hour


3. Dyed Ombre Shoelaces

Dyed Ombre Shoelaces

Tutorial: Alyssa and Carla


4. Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers

Christmas Lights Inspired Sneakers

Tutorial: Dream a Little Bigger

5. Crystal Embellished Sandals

Crystal Embellished Sandals

Tutorial: HelloGlow


6. Polka Dot Shoes

Polka Dot Shoes

Tutorial: Polka Dot Chair


7. Embellished Loafers

Embellished loafers

Tutorial: The Vault Files


8. Patch Patterned Sneakers

Patch Patterned Sneakers

Tutorial: Aww Sam


9. Heart Shoes

Heart Shoes

Tutorial: Unusually Lovely


10. Floral Vans

Floral Vans

Tutorial: Always Rooney

11. Floral Summer Sandals

Floral Summer Sandals

Tutorial: My So Called Crafty Life


12. Disco Pom Pom Shoes

Disco Pom Pom Shoes

Tutorial: HonestlyWTF


13. Prada Inspired Platform Sneakers

Prada Inspired Platform Sneakers

Tutorial: A Pair and a Spare DIY


14. Glitter Shoes

Glitter Shoes

Tutorial: Lil Blue Boo


15. Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes

Rainbow Tie-Dye Shoes

Tutorial: A Pumpkin and A Princess


16. Watermelon Shoes

Watermelon Shoes

Tutorial: Kittenhood


17. Doodle Style Shoes

Doodle Style Shoes

Tutorial: Sand and Sisal


18. Elastic Shoes

Elastic Shoes

Tutorial: Instructables


19. Faux Painted Oxfords

Faux Painted Oxfords

Tutorial: Mom Spark


20. Sparkly Sequin Shoes

Sparkly Sequin Shoes

Tutorial: Mark Montano


21. Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes

Tutorial: Butter & BS


22. Sprinkle Sneakers

sprinkle sneakers

Tutorial: Bespoke Bride

20+ Creative DIY Shoe Makeovers

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