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10 Cool Things To Make From Plastic Bags

Do you have a bunch of plastic bags lying around at home that you aren’t sure what to do with? Instead of throwing them in the trash, you can use them to make some amazing jewelry, home decor items and much more! Here are ten of our favorite DIY projects that you can make from old plastic bags.

 1   Woven Plastic Basket

Woven Plastic Basket

Tutorial via Radmegan

 2   DIY Plastic Bag Jump Rope

Plastic Bag Jump Rope

Tutorial via Childhood List


 3   DIY Plastic Bag Flowers

Plastic Bag Flowers

Tutorial via Kids Activities


 4   Plastic Bag Rug

plastic bag rug

Tutorial via Instructables

 5   Plastic Bag Wreath

Plastic Bag Wreath

Tutorial via By Stephanie Lynn


 6   Plastic Bag Earrings

Plastic Bag Earrings

Tutorial via Journey into Creativity


 7   Plastic Bag Coin Purse

Plastic Bag Coin Purse

Tutorial via We Can Make Anything


 8   Recycled Plastic Bag Flowerpot

Recycled Plastic Bag Flowerpot

Tutorial via Mami Made it


 9   Plastic Bag Pom Poms

Plastic Bag Pom Poms

Tutorial via Creative Jewish Mom


 10   Plastic Bag Sandals

Plastic Bag Sandals

Tutorial via My Recycled Bags


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10 Cool Things To Make From Plastic Bags

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