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15 Awesome Projects You Can Make From a Single Sheet of Plywood

15 Awesome Projects You Can Make From a Single Sheet of Plywood

Plywood is a versatile building material made from thin layers or “plies” of wood veneer that are glued together. It’s easy to cut, drill through, and can be used to make a variety of things. You can use plywood to make room furniture, decor accents, lighting fixtures or outdoor decorations. We’ve compiled some of the most effective plywood projects from around the web that anyone can make using only basic hand and power tools.

1. Modern Birch Table

Modern Birch TableDIY instructions via Boxy Colonial


2. Modern Stool

modern stoolDIY instructions via A Beautiful Mess

3. Geometric Doghouse

Geometric DoghouseDIY instructions via HomeMade Modern


4. Plywood Floor Mirror With Shelves

Plywood Floor Mirror With ShelvesDIY instructions via The Merrythought


5. Stacked Plywood Table Lamp

Stacked Plywood Table LampDIY instructions via Pneumatic Addict


6. Rocket Bookshelf

Rocket BookshelfDIY instructions via The Handyman’s Daughter


7. Storage Coffee Table

Storage Coffee TableDIY instructions via Idle Hands Awake


8. Plywood Magazine Files

Plywood Magazine FilesDIY instructions via Dans le Lakehouse


9. Mid-Century Modern Bench

Mid-Century Modern BenchDIY instructions via Hawthorne and Main


10. Plywood Magazine Rack

Plywood Magazine RackDIY instructions via 100 Things 2 Do


11. Modern Pegboard Planter

Modern Pegboard PlanterDIY instructions via Brepurposed


12. Desk Organizer

Desk OrganizerDIY instructions via Home Tree Atlas


13. Minimalist Wood Storage Bin on Wheels

Minimalist Wood Storage Bin on WheelsDIY instructions via The Proper Blog


14. Plywood Nightstand

Plywood NightstandDIY instructions via Burkatron


15. Vegetable Storage Bin with Dividers

Vegetable Storage Bin with DividersDIY instructions via Anika’s DIY Life

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  1. Jane Doe Jane Doe March 20, 2019

    Wonderful projects

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