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9 DIY Organization Hacks With Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper is a household staple that we use everyday. However, whenever we finish a toilet paper roll, we usually quickly toss it into the trash without giving it a second thought.

It turns out that toilet paper rolls are much more useful than we give them credit for. Here are 9 DIY uses for toilet paper rolls you probably never thought of.

 1   Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

If you need a place to store pencils, pens, and other school supplies, then create this neat and cute stationary organizer. (via Lilyshop)

 2   Jewelry Holder

Toilet Paper Roll Jewelry Holder

Keep your jewelry organized by making your own jewelry holder out of paper roll tubes. (via Ria’s World of Ideas)

 3   Cord Organizers

Cord Organizers

This simple idea will save space, time, and your sanity when looking for your cables. (via Our Thrifty Ideas)

 4   Drawer Organizer

toilet paper roll drawer organizer

Use toilet paper rolls inside the drawers to organize small items and keep them from getting lost. (via Brunchpants

 5   Toy Car Storage

Toy Car Storage

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to step on a Matchbox toy car, you’ll appreciate this toy storage solution. (via Bystre Dziecko)

 6   Yarn Holders

Yarn Holders

This is great for sewers; just wrap your unused yarn around a toilet paper roll for an easy way to keep them organized and from coming unraveled. (via SewLicious Home Decor)

 7   Makeup Organizer

Makeup Brush Holder

Practical and pretty, this toilet paper roll makeup organizer is just what you need to organize your messy medicine cabinet full of beauty and skin care products. (via Fabulist2014)

 8   Hair Band Organizer

Hair Band Organizer

Wrap hair bands around toilet paper tubes to keep them from getting lost or tangle. (via The Family Handyman)

 9   Wrapping Paper Holder

Wrapping Paper Storage

Keep wrapping paper in place by securing it around the middle with a toilet paper tube. (via Kickvick)

If you like these creative organization hacks with toilet paper rolls, please share them with your friends and family!

9 DIY Organization Hacks With Toilet Paper Rolls

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