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20 Cute and Easy Sewing Projects for Babies

Sewing for babies is so fun and rewarding. The projects are usually small, so they go quickly, and what could be more heartwarming that giving new parents a handmade gift for their bundle of joy? From toys to useful equipment, we’ve rounded up some easy and practical sewing projects for babies that anyone can make without to much effort. Pick your favorites and get crafting!

 1   Drawstring Patchwork Toy Bag

Drawstring Patchwork Toy Bag

Tutorial via Sum of Their Stories

 2   Baby Blocks with Taggies

Baby Blocks with Taggies

Tutorial via Making Things is Awesome

 3   Padded Crib Rail Cover

Padded Crib Rail Cover

Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

 4   Double Sided Fabric Headband

Double Sided Fabric Headband

Tutorial via Happy Together

 5   Toms Inspired Baby Shoes

Toms Inspired Baby Shoes

Tutorial via Homemade Toast

 6   Baby Car Seat Cover

Baby Car Seat Cover

Tutorial via Make it Do

 7   Ruffle Diaper Cover

Ruffle Diaper Cover

Tutorial via Sew Much Ado

 8   Baby Snuggler Swaddle Wrap

Baby Snuggler Swaddle Wrap

Tutorial via Girlsvsblog

 9   Onsie Dress

Onsie Dress

Tutorial via Shwin and Shwin

 10   Cute and Colorful Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Tutorial via Sew Toy

 11   Diaper and Wipes Carrier

Diaper and Wipes Carrier

Tutorial via Capital B

 12   Sunshine Ribbon Toy

Sunshine Ribbon Toy

Tutorial via So Sew Easy

 13   Baby Bibs

baby bibs

Tutorial via Laura Radniecki

 14   Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

Tutorial via The Creative Home

 15   Pacifier Clip

Pacifier Clip

Tutorial via Sew Mama Sew

 16   Baby Mittens

Baby Mittens

Tutorial via Speckled Owl Studio

 17   Cardigan Onesie

Cardigan Onesie

Tutorial via Cherish365

 18   The Pacifier Pocket

Pacifier Pocket

Tutorial via WeAllSew

 19   Big Pocket Baby Clutch

Big Pocket Baby Clutch

Tutorial via SewCanShe

 20   Plush Rattles

Plush Rattles

Tutorial via Make it and Love it

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20 Cute and Easy Sewing Projects for Babies

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