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16 Awesome DIY Wood Slice Projects Anyone Can Make

Wood slices are a great crafting material, they can be used in a lot of ways, you can DIY a lot of things using them: placemats, coasters, coat hangers and so on. You can get wood slices from any craft store, or if you’re a bit craftier you can even make them yourself by cutting a tree branch into small pieces (round slabs). Here are some ideas to make something creative from wood slices for your home or as a gift.

 1   DIY Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Slice Wreath

Tutorial: East Coast Creative Blog


 2   Arrow Wood Slice Coasters

Arrow Wood Slice Coasters

Tutorial: House of Hawthornes


 3   Wood Slice Key Holder

Wood Slice Key Holder

Tutorial: The Crafted Life

 4   Wood Slice Placemat

Wood Slice Placemat

Tutorial: eHow


 5   Wood Slice Boot Mat

Wood Slice Boot Mat

Tutorial: Brooklyn Limestone


 6   Wood Slice Side Table

wood slice side table

Tutorial: Lia Griffith


 7   Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand

Tutorial: Brepurposed


 8   Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelf

Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelf

Tutorial: Girl Loves Glam


 9   Wood Slice Mirror

Wood Slice Mirror

Tutorial: Jaime Costiglio


 10   Wood Slice Coat Hangers

Wood Slice Coat Hangers

Tutorial: Desert Domicile


 11   Wood Slice Photo Frame

Photo Frame

Tutorial: Lemon Thistle


 12   DIY Wood Slice Clock

Wood Slice Clock

Tutorial: The Summery Umbrella


 13   Flower Vase

Flower Vase

Tutorial: Mother Earth Living


 14   Wood Slice Magnets

Wood Slice Magnets

Tutorial: Suburble


 15   Wood Slice Mobile

Wood Slice Mobile

Tutorial: Homemade Ginger


 16   Wood Slice Garland

Wood Slice Garland

Tutorial: Fynes Designs

16 Awesome DIY Wood Slice Projects Anyone Can Make

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