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12 Low-Cost Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

12 Low-Cost Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Christmas is coming, and with it comes the excitement of decorating our houses, making them feel festive and getting ready for the holiday season.

If you’re someone who enjoys making your own Christmas décor, we have gathered a fabulous collection of DIY decorations that will give your whole house a brilliant Chrsitmassy look.

Whether you want something simple that the kids can do with you or you prefer something that looks a bit more complicated, these projects are sure to be perfect for your Christmas décor needs.

1. Cookie Cutter Wreath

Cookie Cutter Wreath

Have some old cookie cutters that you don’t need anymore? Use them to make an adorable DIY wreath for your kitchen, or as a gift for someone who loves to bake.

Tutorial at Inspired by Charm

2. Wine Glass Snow Globes

Wine Glass Snow Globes

These winter-themed snow globes are easy, yet elegant, and make great centerpieces for your holiday table.

Tutorial at Family Chic

3. Sweater Ornaments

Sweater Ornaments

Put your old sweater to use and make your Christmas tree cozy with these DIY Christmas ornaments.

Tutorial at A Subtle Revelry

4. Gift-Wrapped Door

gift-wrapped door

The “gift-wrapped” door is a fun alternative to a wreath on your door.

Tutorial at Naptime Decorator

5. Winter Wine Bottle Centerpiece

winter wine bottle centerpiece

Here is an inexpensive and quick way to turn those wine bottles you have laying around into something beautiful.

Tutorial at KC Coake

6. 3D Paper Snowflakes

3D Paper Snowflakes

Fold and cut paper into amazing three-dimensional snowflakes.

Tutorial at DIY with Madi

7. Wood A-Frame Triangle Ornament Stand

Wood A-Frame Triangle Ornament Stand

This ornament stand is a great complement to any holiday decor for any area in your home or office.

Tutorial at Dans le Lakehouse

8. Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Wine Cork Reindeer

These little cork reindeer ornaments are easy to make and would make cute gifts for anyone.

Tutorial at Pretty Handy Girl

9. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Giant craft stick snowflakes

Use popsicle sticks and hot glue to turn them into big decorative Christmas ornaments.

Tutorial at Crafty Nest

10. Doily Snowflake Christmas Decorations

Doily Snowflake Christmas Decorations

Creating your own doily Christmas ornaments is a beautiful way to repurpose doilies that are special to you but have been sitting in a drawer unused.

Tutorial at Love That Party

11. Ornament Wreath

ornament wreath

This elegant ornament wreath is very easy to make and can be made from ornaments purchased from the Dollar Store.

Tutorial at Mom Always Finds Out

12. Icicle Ornaments From Plastic Bottles

Icicle Ornaments From Plastic Bottles

You only need a common plastic bottle, scissors and a candle to make these amazing icicle ornaments that would look great on the tree.

Tutorial at Colorful Crafts

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