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13 DIY Oversized Christmas Decorations

13 DIY Oversized Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for easy and affordable Christmas decorations that will make your home stand out from the crowd? Go big this holiday season and decorate your home with DIY oversized Christmas decorations!

Large decorations are more eye-catching and are sure to wow your friends and family. We’ve rounded up some of the best oversized Christmas decoration ideas that will turn your home, from dull and plain, into majestic and fabulous one.

1. Giant Christmas Ornaments From Old Tires

Giant Christmas Ornaments From Old Tires

Tutorial via Addicted 2 DIY

2. Christmas Light Balls

Christmas Light Balls

Tutorial via Christmas Lights, Etc Blog


3. Ornament Pillows

Ornament Pillows

Tutorial via Studio DIY


4. Gigantic Wall Stars

Gigantic Wall Stars

Tutorial via A Subtle Revelry


5. Oversized Berry and Holly Garland

Oversized Berry and Holly Garland

Tutorial via The House That Lars Built


6. Oversized Snowflakes

Oversized Snowflakes

Tutorial via Making Home Base

7. Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

Tutorial via Smart School House


8. Outdoor Wooden Lighted Stars

Outdoor wooden lighted stars

Tutorial via Duke Manor Farm


9. Big Candy Decorations

Big Candy Decorations

Tutorial via Miss Kopy Kat


10. Moss Covered Joy Letters

Moss Covered Joy Letters

Tutorial via Uncommon Designs


11. Giant Christmas Wreath

Giant Christmas Wreath

Tutorial via Homemade Ginger


12. Oversized Greeting Card

Oversized Greeting Card

Tutorial via The Home Depot Blog


13. Giant Balloon Christmas Lights

Giant Balloon Christmas Lights

Tutorial via Living Locurto

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